How to Mint?

Explains the Minting sequence for BTC Proxy

The steps involved in minting a Bitcoin proxy are explained below:

The user connects the ETH wallet to the web3.js interface at

  • Enter the Amount to Mint - The first step in creating a proxy for your Bitcoin is to enter the amount to mint. Enter an amount, review the minting fee and Bitcoin network fee, and click Next. The custodian wallet address they are to send BTC to will be displayed.

  • Deposit BTC with Custodian - The next step is to deposit the BTC with the custodian. This wallet address is never the same so do not resend BTC to this address twice. You may scan the QR code or copy the Bitcoin address. Utilize your proprietary Bitcoin wallet to send to the address. Deposit any amount larger than 0.0001 BTC, your deposit transaction will be detected at the address on-chain by and will be confirmed upon 3 block confirmations.

  • BTCpx Tokens are sent to your Wallet - The protocol will send the BTCpx tokens directly into your ETH wallet. Be sure to add the contract address to view them.


    This address works for both Matic/ETH This step may take up to 30 minutes as the data is moving from BTC to Matic to ETH. Once completed.

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