BTC Proxy Advantages

Provides the list of advantages of using BTC Proxy

The following are the advantages of BTC proxy:

  • Financial Freedom - BTC Proxy brings BTC liquidity onto the Polygon and Ethereum ecosystem and #DeFi applications.

  • Decentralized Bridge - It gives Bitcoin holders a decentralized bridge to transfer their Bitcoin value into an MRC20/ERC20 token without the need for centralized exchanges and systems.

  • Secured Lubrication - Provides the lubrication for the flow of blockchains securely and efficiently.

  • Flexible - With BTC Proxy, it is easy to redeem your Bitcoin anytime

  • Standardized Bitcoin - BTC Proxy standardizes Bitcoin to both MRC20 and ERC20 formats allowing the Bitcoin holders to participate in Decentralized Finance applications that are otherwise not compatible

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