User Interface & Navigation

Explains the user interface and navigation features

The BTC Proxy interface gives you easy and quick access to several important sections and core modules. It can be divided into 3 main sections namely the Top Menu, Workspace, and Bottom Menu. The interface components and navigation of BTC Proxy are explained below.

The numbers in the above screenshot correspond to the list item numbers below:

  1. Top Menu - Allows you to access the core modules of BTC Proxy including Mint, Earn, and Redeem. In the top right section, you also have the options to view notifications and connect to your web3.js Ethereum wallet, Metamask.

  2. Workspace - Is the area in which you can work and explore your proxy options, transactions, history, analytics, and transaction confirmations. All necessary details of each transaction of BTC, Matic, and ETH are displayed in the transaction confirmation box on the User Interface (UI) and can be seen in detail with any block explorer. Also, the following details can be found for each transaction:

    • Names and details of institutions performing different roles in the network

    • Status of mint and burn orders (pending, processing, cancelled, complete)

    • The total amount of BTC stored by custodians

    • The total amount of BTCpx in the network

    • Custodian Audits

    • Custodians BTC Wallet addresses

    • Links to the open-source token contract code / deployed contract on a block explorer.

  3. Bottom Menu - Allows you to access options like PRXY.FI, Docs (Help) and Code

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