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iBTCpx V2 program allows the user to Claim and Stake their rewards with one click directly into Compound Staking

iBTCpx V2- Interest Bearing BTCpx is a contract that allows the staker that holds BTCpx to utilize that asset to derive yield without having to Bond it or to exchange it. Since that BTCpx is representative of their BTC in custody we realize that BTC is valuable and many clients do not wish to sell it. iBTCpx is a simple reward rate program (as opposed to compounding), the yield generated from this program is PRXY and the rewards accumulate each block.

iBTCpx V1 - Does not have the Claim and Stake function it only has the Claim function and as a result users will have to Bond their PRXY rewards to enter the compound staking pool. Unstake your BTCpx from V1 and move it to V2

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